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cooking oils peoria il, cooking oils peoria heights ilLooking For Top Quality Cooking Oil in Peoria Heights, IL?

Food brings people together. Good food transforms a meal into an experience to remember. Whether you are cooking an intimate dinner for two or a Thanksgiving feast, let’s give your dinner guests an experience their tastebuds will never forget! Enhance the flavors in your meals with the fine selection of cooking oils at Olio & Vino, located in Peoria Heights IL. We carry a delightful assortment of cooking oils that are perfect for your kitchen. 

Olive Oils

Olive oils make wonderful cooking oils. At Olio & Vino, we offer a great selection of Infused, Fused, Specialty and Extra Virgin Olive Oils to our customers in Peoria Heights IL and all across the United States. Whether you want to fry your vegetables in a garlic olive oil or whether you want to add a kick to your meal with our green chile pepper olive oil, Olio & Vino has uniquely flavored cooking oils that will make your mouth water! 

Additional Liquids 

A great cooking oil is the foundation of a great meal. But you can enhance your cooking oil by pairing it with a tasty balsamic vinegar or wine. 

cooking oils peoria heights ilBalsamic Vinegars

Are you looking to create an unforgettable marinade for your main course or a tasty vinaigrette to dress up your salad? Mixing olive oil with any of the delicious balsamic vinegars at Olio & Vino will set your dish a cut above the rest. Check out our delicious selection of white balsamic vinegars and dark balsamic vinegars.


What meal isn’t made better through the addition of wine? Whether you are looking to mix your wine in with a traditional olive oil or whether you would like to simply have it along to sip as you cook, Olio & Vino carries some of the best tasting wines in the Peoria Heights IL area and beyond! 

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Located in Peoria Heights, IL, Olio & Vino is the perfect place to enjoy with friends or family. Taste and see our latest flavors of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, wines and other gourmet items! Visit Olio & Vino today!