Olive Oils

olive oils peoria ilAre you craving the taste of freshly pressed olives in your food?  Do you want to drizzle it over your appetizers, swirl it in with your pastas, sauté your vegetables with it, or blend it into a tasty marinade? You are not alone.

At Olio & Vino, we specialize in olive oils. Our wonderful selection of olive oils features a blend of unique flavors that can enhance any dish. 

Our Selection of Olive Oils


With fused olive oils, we crush ripe olives with fresh fruits, herbs or vegetables simultaneously. This enables the essential oils from the fruits, herbs or vegebables to fuse with the oil from the olives:


With infused olive oils, we combine the fruits, herbs or vegetables after the olives have been crushed. By using the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oils in our infused products, we ensure the tastiest infused olive oils possible:


With our specialty items, it’s all about capturing a unique flavor. We add the finest ingredients to our Extra Virgin Olive Oils to ensure excellent, gourmet results:

olive oil Peoria ilExtra Virgin (EVOO)

Due to the harvest times of the two different hemispheres, Olio & Vino’s Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oils rotate periodically to provide our customers with the freshest oils from around the world: 

  • Koroneiki
  • Corantine “Gran Cru”
  • Barnea
  • “Oro Bailen” Arbequina
  • Arbosana

Come for a Visit! 

Located in Peoria Heights, IL, Olio & Vino is the perfect place to enjoy with friends or family. Not only do we carry a unique selection of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and other gourmet items, we also offer in-store wine tastings! Sample wines from all across the globe and find the flavor that speaks to your tongue. Pair the freshness and flavor of the wine with the pleasant atmosphere of our Pati-O and your evening will sure to be a delight. Come on over to Olio & Vino today!