Looking for the perfect gift? Hoping to treat yourself? Try any of our gourmet products—the finest Olio & Vino has to offer. We’re certain they won’t disappoint.

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Bleu Cheese Olives
$10.95 each

Soft, creamy and ever so pungent blue cheese is stuffed into plump, toothsome green olives make snacking simpler than ever.

Olives “Rockets”
$10.95 each

Double Stuffed Jalapeno & Garlic stuffed Olives.

Fire in the Pit Olives
$10.95 each

Red Turkish Pepper Stuffed Olives.

Castelvetrano Green Olives
$10.95 each

OUT OF STOCK - Freshly packed in early October immediately after the harvest. Produced by the Asaro family for nearly a century with the same olive trees that they have owned for over 4 generations.

Bernardi’s Dipping Oil
$8.95 each

A mix of Canola oil and virgin olive oil with Italian seasonings, garlic, balsamic vinegar, red pepper, salt.

Olio & Vino Cookbook
$16.00 each

Thanks to our Chef Jenna for her love and devotion to O&V's products. Most of these recopies have been used through out our monthly cooking demos, and include both our oils and balsamics

Oil and Balsamic pour spout
$5.95 each

Great for a drip-less finish to all of your Oil and Balsamics.

Romano Salami
$7.99 each

All natural peppered salami.

Squashed Green Olives With Lemon
$10.95 each

Pit in Green Olives, infused with lemon

Squashed Green Olives Truffled Flavoured
$10.95 each

OUT OF STOCK - Pit in Green Olives, infused with truffle flavor.

Vodka Sauce
$7.95 each

A creamy delicious Vodka Sauce , with a dash of vodka cream, fresh tomato, and basil.

Due Formaggi
$7.95 each

A traditional red pasta sauce, rich with the flavor of two classic Italian Cheeses, handmade in small batches using Pecorino Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, EVOO and fresh ripe tomatoes from Abruzzo, 'the land of the mountain and sea'.